Why is saffron expensive? – How Quickly Do Saffron Bulbs Multiply

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The reason saffron is expensive is because its main component, saffron oil, is made from a different type of plant: the Arabica plant. The Arabica plant is not exactly the same thing as the saffron plant it refers to. This is why saffron oil from the Arabica plant needs to be separated into separate saffron oils – there are 2 different types of saffron oil.

The most commonly used type of saffron oil is the white oil. It’s made of the same components as the saffron plant, but the difference is that saffron oil is more dense and thicker.

The second type of saffron oil is more commonly referred to as fine saffron oil which is made from a different type of plant. This means it doesn’t have the white saponin (saffron’s main ingredient) in the same amounts.

The only difference between the two types of saffron oil is the colour. The fine saffron oil also contains more saponins (insecticide proteins) which will kill the beetle moths.

The oil from yellow saffron, is called golden saffron and you can find this type of oil cheaper than the white oil type.

How do black beetles eat?

Black beetles eat a wide variety of plant materials including seeds.

Some insects eat the seeds which is part of the same process as a beetle eating insects.

To see why saffron isn’t the only thing an insect eats, go and see if you can find a beetle moth (see What is a beetle molt?).

What do green beetles eat?

There are many plants that insects need to eat such as flowers, fruit or seed pods. So when eating seeds in the wild, these insects need to consume a food source. This is done by consuming plant material. In the wild you can often see this happening through beetles eating seeds. In your garden it might happen that this may happen in your garden because you’re feeding plant material. The same goes for saffron as the beetle needs to consume saponins, which would kill a beetle moth.

There are many species of beetle moths which eat a wide range of plants and insects. To help you find out more about these beetles, go and see What is an insect molt?

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