Where does saffron grow best?

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Where do saffron-producing plants take root?

This was a question I couldn’t answer. It was a question that fascinated me. I wanted to plant saffron in my back yard, but it was not the only place I had to travel far to find a source of this rich, aromatic plant I admired so much.

That was not what I wanted to hear. But then I met a man with a big, blue-green patch of saffron growing in his backyard. It looked exactly like the picture of something the Earth may have once existed. Then I knew where this saffron was going to come from and what it was going to grow. The man who was there, I realized, was not just a farmer. He was part of some strange secret order of man-made plants. And this man was a visionary.

Some of these plants are actually plants that have been modified to make use of their saffron. When I met the man, I realized he had been growing these plants for the last 100 years. He has been in this business for more than 40.

What, according to him, was the purpose behind this great art?

In my opinion it is to bring about world peace and to bring about the ultimate harmony of the Universe. The whole world is being threatened with destruction through war. I can see the future of the Universe being at stake, even if it takes decades. We have to take a stand right now and do all we can to end this war. At that time we’ll find that, thanks to the wisdom of the Ancients, we can change the course of the Universe.

What was the Ancient Wisdom saying about saffron?

The Ancient Wisdom said all of this was created to be used by men to have the gift of healing. In fact, some of these plants are also used worldwide for religious purposes on certain feasts. The ancient people, the Ancient Warriors, believed that there would come a time when all creatures would learn to live in harmony and that it would come to be that all would live in harmony even if one of them didn’t agree with that way of living. This may be happening now and we don’t have to wait too long for that to happen.

But that isn’t happening now. I would say, in one or two hundred or maybe even a thousand years, we will see that the world of the future will be quite different from the world we have today. We may start