When can I divide saffron bulbs?

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Cotton is very good for seeding seedlings before they flower. It gives them a good seedling quality and makes them grow quickly. Because most of the saffron used to flower is from the cotton, you can use cotton seed for the first time to make seedling bulbs from seed.

In addition, some people say that saffron seeds are better to use for planting the flower buds of plants.

I don’t live in Southern Nevada, but I heard that saffron bulbs can also be used for growing peppers. How would you know whether to plant pepper seed or saffron bulbs to grow peppers?

The same way as with the seedling bulbs, it depends on where you live. If you only live in Northern Nevada or Southern Nevada, seedling bulbs are the best option for growing peppers. However, some farmers in southern Nevada and Arizona are growing saffron bulbs for pepper plants and can be very beneficial since they are very difficult to grow. Seeds are best to use for peppers.

In Nevada, seedling bulbs are used when crops such as tomatoes, peppers and almonds are at their best. Plants such as beans and peas can help crops get a little better before the crops turn to brown.

I read that saffron is an important crop in the region where you’re growing it. What is the best way to grow it with your particular crops?

Generally, you want to choose the best saffron variety that will last and give you the best yield from your crops. You want to be able to harvest most of the flower buds in the plant. At least 50% of the plant may be edible with the leaves of the flower.

You then have to decide on the seedling bulbs that you will use, since some varieties have to be planted in the ground or in pots to develop the flower bud. If you buy a plant from a store or growers, it’s best to choose saffron bulbs.
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If you have the opportunity to spend time with a farmer in one of our regions that is working with saffron, ask to learn about the varieties they choose to plant in the area. It helps to learn these details before you move forward.

Is it true that saffron is used in Indian medicine?

Yes. Indians have used saffron in medicinal ways for thousands of years. The Indians used saffron for various diseases, but it is used most notably for treating gouty