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According to the Guardian a 1kg gram of gold’s value is $22,000,000,000, and a 1,000 gram block of diamond is worth $3.6 million.

So, with the price tag, what is the most expensive, well, metal in the world?

In addition to the gold, diamond is not the only metal in the world that causes problems. Mercury is a toxic substance that can cause birth defects, the water can become toxic, and the mercury can cause cancer.

How many of these are around you?

What is the mercury level?

What is the levels of mercury in the air around you?

What are they likely to do to you after you drink them?

If you drink enough of them (in cans, glasses, or cups) will it make you sick or will you get sick and die?

What is mercury toxicity?

Mercury toxicity is not a term, nor is it specific to mercury. For more information on how to reduce your exposure as much as possible please see the links below:


The list of what to do about pollution at all levels


Toxics Release Inventory (TREE) – https://www.airquotes.com/products/detergents/airquotes-transmission-equipment-transmission.asp


How can I prevent harmful exposure from mercury?

The best way to protect yourself from exposure to mercury fumes is to never touch or dispose of mercury products without a proper filtration system.

Mercury is commonly found in food, dental fillings, cosmetics, and paints. If you use dental fillings or use products that contain mercury, you really should never give your teeth any contact with them.

Mercury can be found in some natural gas wells. You should also be very aware that the EPA has established guidelines which require all natural gas wells to be treated for toxic contaminants.

Mercury is found in the food you eat on a regular

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