What month is saffron harvested?

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In Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Nepal for the harvest season.

How much does it cost to buy Indian saffron?

It is currently a very expensive commodity to buy saffron and if you are from the West, you should have your own bank account to pay for it. Even in America, it is very difficult to find the saffron.

There are many good options available at Indian spas and massage parlors to purchase Indian saffron but as a foreigner, I would encourage you to pick up a book on Indian spas so you know exactly where to go and what you are buying.

Why are saffron and chamomile so important for the health of the body?

Saffron and chamomile are both rich sources of vitamin C, which is a powerful antiseptic, tonic and antispasmodic.

Saffron has shown to prevent the formation of cancer and heart disease and also help to maintain healthy eyesight as it helps to clean the eyes and maintain them bright.

What about the saffron aroma?

The aroma from Indian spades is very pleasing for many people, especially on a day when they do not feel comfortable, and especially in the beginning of winter! To find out if you are invited to use saffron, call the office of the International Association of Saffron (IASC) at +91-9818-8111111.

Why do people still choose the traditional Thai method of cooking a curry? Are any major changes needed?

Traditional Thai cooking is a very powerful means of cooking. It is also known to be a very rewarding process, with each dish being uniquely cooked. To learn the cooking in the traditional way, you need to be very attentive and attentive enough to notice the subtle differences between different dishes.

Many people do not find Thai cuisine to be particularly aromatic. Some prefer the flavor of curry because they enjoy the complexity and taste of the spices used. This is the reason why spices are often used as a garnish for curry dishes.

Many people find that Thai cuisine is less flavorful than Indian cuisine, and it is difficult to master with one bowl of curry.

Safrole, lemon, ginger & garlic are commonly used. However, most Thai cuisine is more balanced in its use of spices, rather than heavily garnished flavors.