What kind of soil does saffron grow in? – Saffron In Vermont

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What’s the texture like?

How long will the leaves be on the plant?

Is the plant vigorous during dormant periods?

Saffron leaves look good when dried.

How do plants grow on saffron?

Do plants die when they are fully dry?

How high would a plant grow from the end of one branch?

What’s the difference between a single, thick saffron stem and four, thin saffron stalks?

Does saffron grow in potting soil?

Why are some leaves on saffron look so different from others?

How to plant saffron for indoor or outdoor use.

Where can I find some saffron?

How can I make saffron?

Can saffron be grown indoors without pesticides?

How does saffron taste?

How can I make saffron candles?

How hot can saffron burn?

What is a seedling and what do they do?

How can I make saffron tea?

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