What is the most expensive item by weight?

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This is not a question of comparing apples with apples, but more of what makes for a good or a bad investment.

On a per-pound basis, the most expensive item by weight at the mall was the $4,000 watch that Walmart offered, which sells for $600 at its brick-and-mortar store. The most expensive item by weight on the Black Friday website was $10,000 of apparel, which sells for $2,000.

Some of the items are better, but not enough to make up for the difference. The Nike Air Max 89, for example (at $195) is the same as the $80,000 watch that Walmart offers, a little less expensive but not nearly as good.
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The $10,000 Air Max 89 is a better deal at Walmart than a pair of Air Jordan sneakers for $450, but then you’d be better off spending that $10,000 in other high-end goods, such as a $250,000 yacht.

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