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One of the biggest costs of living in a large city like New York is the cost of transport. This comes in two forms. In the city centre, public transport is the most efficient way to get around. The biggest part of the cost of living is in commuting. To get to work, you have to take the metro. To access the metro, you have to take the subway which in turn takes you to your destination.

The biggest challenge to finding affordable housing in New York is transport. It takes an awful lot of time to travel from the subway platforms to the front door of your building, often by train. Many businesses have the same problem. If your business has more than 10 employees, this is a significant increase in transportation costs. New York’s transport system is also inefficient and slow, with cars clogging up traffic in many boroughs across the city.

While New Yorkers are aware of the problems they face due to high cost of living, New York City lacks any formal or voluntary strategies that encourage residents to improve their commute. Instead, residents are left to navigate these costs alone. This has put many New Yorkers at risks because of high housing prices. People are living on the edge of poverty.

What are the things you can be doing to improve your commute so that you don’t have to live next to the subway tracks?
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Start planning your commute ahead of time. Make yourself a start-to-finish timeline for each and every day. If you’re taking a trip to the cinema, you can schedule to leave from the theatre on a Friday, arriving at the cinema on Sunday when you have a good amount of time to watch. The result of your plan will be more time spent at work, which is great for your productivity.

If you’re working from home or on a weekend, schedule a different time for walking. The time away will also give you time to get to a shop or cafe if you’re unable to make it there on a time to time basis.

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