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Saffron is very acidic. It is not a good thing to share around other people. It’s a good idea that it’s used only in cooking. You should never share saffron with others! This leaves the juice in a liquid form. The best way of making your own sour cream is in a blender with a very strong concentration of acid. In the kitchen, you can also make a thick, creamy, sour cream, and add a little of sour cream to your homemade ice cream.

Saffron should be handled with care at any time of the year, from the time it is picked until the time when it is ready to use.

Saffron is very poisonous and can cause stomach problems. If you’ve been to a wedding or a wedding reception where people were intoxicated by saffron, there may be a serious reaction to the acidic acid. For this reason, you should never share a bowl or saucepan with someone who has eaten some raw saffron.

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OTTAWA — Ottawa police have charged a 19-year-old man with breaking into a home for the weekend and stealing two cellphones.

Police charged David R. Ritchie Saturday morning with one count of Burglary of a Dwelling by a Dangerous Person of Home, and one count of Theft Under $5,000.

Authorities said he entered the home at around 6 p.m. Sunday and took two cellphones, a laptop computer and personal belongings.

The man was described as brown with light-coloured hair, weighing about 180 pounds.

The charge means Ritchie will appear in court on Tuesday.

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There is growing debate in Britain about the use of the word ‘racist’ and whether it is acceptable to use in general terms to describe people whose beliefs or actions are offensive to other groups of people, such as Christians and Muslims.

The Daily Telegraph reported a survey for the Equality and Human Rights Commission which found some 77 per cent of the 1,000 people contacted agreed that the word ‘racism’ should not be used outside of a narrow legal context.

The Guardian reported on the use of the word in court in Britain and noted two cases in which it has been used as a defence.

This case involved a man who sued the police for his “insulting words” while being stopped by the police on suspicion of a crime.

The newspaper noted an opinion piece published in the Telegraph last November:

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