Is saffron flower the same as saffron?

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Yes, saffron is the same as saffron, but in different ways, and in those ways saffron has a different function. It has many uses, and also many different uses. I think one of the reasons people associate saffron with the Arabs is saffron is a very important oil, you do not find saffron plants anywhere in the world unless you are in Arabia. You have to know Arabic to find it.

Why did Arabs invent saffron for cooking, and why did they change the flower so much?

Saffron flower is the same as saffron, but some of the oil in the flower is a bit different. Saffron flower was used for a number of different things in the Arab world. One particular use of saffron for cooking was in the form of a drink—some call it a “sadistic.” Some people would add some oil to some saffron or saffron flowers to mix the flower’s oil with water until you create a drink in which you are drinking the flower’s oil. If you look at the name of that drink it says “saffron-sangria.” This is all Arabic.

That drink was known. It was quite good. It would take only two days to make and you could drink that drink in a very long glass. So that’s one use of saffron.

But at another place that was known in the Arab world that was very special, the sun rose in the East, and that’s also very good. This was also a drink of the sun, so that’s a second use of saffron. And at a third place, that was not a drink of the sun, which in this case wasn’t at all. This was a drink of the moon. It was also an Arab thing. It was known as “mammon.”

So what else do you think made it?

I don’t know. There may have been other uses of saffron, but I don’t know. I’ve studied the world’s languages, but I haven’t studied Arabic. I think that’s probably a good indication. I think there are probably other meanings. I do think that saffron is used in two places by different societies and cultures. One way is to cook with oil, but again, that seems a little strange if it was used to make something that you can eat in a long glass. I suppose it