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Saffron is relatively cheap in Spain – particularly in Spain’s south and north. Spain is home to one of the main production centers for saffron, and the best quality saffron is produced in Spain. Saffron is mostly grown in the northern counties of Castile, Aragon, Andalucia and Extremadura.

But saffron’s price is high in the north as well as in the country’s south, particularly in the areas of Asturias, Valencia, Almeria and Tarragona. The cost for a kilo may run as high as 150 euros, but prices are often much less, often even half of that.

Is saffron good for the immune system?

Saffron was actually used as a cure for influenza in the Middle Ages, but since then it has been used by all cultures and people for many different reasons. It is said to cure colds and it is sometimes used to treat arthritis and other aches and pains of the digestive system. One of the most widely used uses of saffron is in Ayurvedic medicine as a remedy for cancer.

In other parts of the world, saffron is used as a remedy for numerous disorders: from sore throats to arthritis, skin disorders to rheumatic fever.

Saffron has been recommended to the Irish since the 6th century as a remedy for various ailments of the throat. According to a medical text on the subject, the remedy given by the Irish doctor, O’Mahoney, was derived from the plant itself, and contains:
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“Saffron: a mild soothing herb. It is an essential part of the medicinal preparation, and is useful as an appetite stimulant, and as an aphrodisiac, and is often a tonic, also in the treatment of diarrhoea, dysentery, constipation. It is said, moreover, to be an ointment or balm for sore joints and muscles, by means of which a fever being past is improved, and it is known to be a remedy for many nervous operations and for all kinds of colds.”

Is saffron safer than tobacco?

The medical literature on the safety and efficacy of saffron is not nearly as extensive as the literature on tobacco. There is one report from the United States which states that saffron should not be smoked if you are pregnant or have any other known medical problems.

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