How long does saffron take to grow?

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This depends in part on the temperature at which you plant it.

Generally, saffron takes between 24 hours and two weeks to grow. But the shorter the time, the longer it will take.

Most saffron can be grown in the shade at temperatures from 40F to 50F. There is no requirement for temperatures above 50F.

There is no difference at the soil level. The only difference between saffron and any other plant is that it needs more moisture than a plant of the same size in the same soil.

However, if the size of the plant is small enough, the growing medium or ground temperature will not effect the success of a planted saffron.

The easiest way to determine whether saffron is doing well in an area is to test the results of any saffron plants that have grown in your area before you decide to plant it yourself. This will be the first step in determining whether a planted saffron is getting the nutrients/fertilizers it needs. If the saffron is not doing well in your area, you may want to find a nearby source of such nutrients.

Will I get an ear of lettuce from my plant?

Most seeds and clones of saffron are sold under the name of “lettuce” or “tomato” and are very expensive. Most saffron is sold in the same way and should be readily available at your local grocery store. However, if the price of the saffron is lower than “lettuce,” then you will have to choose whether you want to pick at a larger saffron plant in your greenhouse or a smaller plant.

There is no cost or extra cost involved in picking at a larger plant, however picking at a smaller saffron plant may be more beneficial in the longer run. If you pick at a smaller saffron plant, don’t get too close to the end of the plant you are trying to collect since you don’t want to get the seed pods that are attached to the leaves and/or stem of the saffron plant when you are picking. The saffron will be removed and replaced as you pick.

Will I get an ear of cauliflower from my plant?

Cauliflower is often sold under the name of “corn” or “kale” and should be readily available at your local grocery store. However, if the price of the cauliflower is lower than “com