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The seed is white, soft and fluffy.

It grows about 4 inches in 6-12 weeks.

This plant is a good example of the new generation of saffron that is being grown in India at present.

How to grow saffron?

Saffron plants thrive on sunny summer days and are easy to care for.

To start with, just place the plant in an area full of water with plenty of sunshine.

This will help in the formation of the new saffron.

The plant needs to be watered at least twice a week, but do not over water any more.

A lot of attention must be paid to the overall health and growth of the saffron as it is a very delicate plant.

Do not allow them to touch the ground too much as they are fragile and can easily be harmed.

Once the plant has stopped growing the saffron will stop growing altogether and will slowly die.

It can be kept in a tray or container with good ventilation.

Saffron is easily grown from seed as it will grow from seed in just a few weeks of full sun.

The plants can also be grown as a groundcover, but it is a must to keep in large pots which will allow more air circulation.

What about other benefits of saffron?

Saffron has a multitude of benefits.

Firstly, the seeds are good source of minerals as they have large concentrations of chromium, calcium, and silicon that help in mineral health and development.

The seeds is also rich in vitamin F.

Other benefits of this high quality white saffron are that it is easy to grow from seed and can even be grown in a small box made for that purpose.

This type of soil is easier to keep clean too.

The plant will quickly grow back from being cut after a few years.

If you are growing saffron seeds for the first time or for a wedding present, you should consider getting several seeds.

The benefits alone far outweigh any risks or complications.
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