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Saffron is not sweet, either. It was the first spice known outside India. It has a mild aroma, reminiscent of dried currants and honey, and a very distinctive taste, with hints of cardamom and nutmeg. It is not sweet, and it does not have any taste of any kind. It is used as a seasoning for fish, nuts and spices and is also used in traditional Indian weddings.

If saffron is not available in your area, look for varieties imported from the east: red pepper, cinnamon, cloves, ajwain, ginger and cassia bark.

Saffron is a valuable ingredient in medicines for malaria, malaria and diabetes, as well as some cancer treatments.

Saffron is also a popular flavouring in cooking, although you can actually buy it without using it at all, by soaking fresh saffron in a small amount of a very strong orange-coloured liquor such as cider vinegar or lemon juice for a day or two before adding it to dishes to give them a spicy and very aromatic flavor. You can use this in place of the saffron, and many recipes will still use only the saffron. The advantage of using saffron is that you can use any ingredient you wish, and can still use the spice blend from the previous post for the addition of things that already have a spicy spicy taste such as coriander or cumin. (You can also use the spice mix in cooking other things such as tomato sauce or curry spices, although a big, hot curry may require adding more liquid to make it work.)

It is not a safe preservative. For example, it should be used at all times for cooking – no more than one or two tablespoons each when making sausages or chicken, and no less than the recommended 3 tablespoons per cooking dish, including rice.

Saffron can be used to dye garments, but not to dye raw wool or cloth. For that purpose you will need to prepare yellow or red saffron dye (see below), or brown saffron dye.

Saffron is toxic. It is not edible as a spice, and it is not safe to eat or drink. When used in food, if you have trouble eating it, you may find it hard to swallow. When using it as a dye, the dye can be very difficult to get out of cloth – and it is not possible to wash out some of the residue through washing

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