How do you plant saffron seeds?

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A: Saffron is a herb, so there are some steps which are different for every farmer.

1. Wash the saffron, keep it cool, and you will have a nice green saffron color on your hands.

2. Wash it well in cold water and then dry it in sun.

3. Let it cool and place in sun where you want to plant it. After you place in sun, take it out and rinse it well. You will get a rich green color on the fingers, fingers tips and fingers, hands, feet, face and on your whole body.

4. Let it grow long and be easy to handle. If the seedling gets too big, you should plant it with smaller sprigs. This way your seedling will live longer, but you will have to remove the sprig at the beginning, or you’ll start a new saffron plant and the old one will die.

5. Keep it in warm place like a window or in a humid spot, like in the garden for a few days in the beginning. Saftone is very poisonous.

6. If you have the sun, you can use saffron oil to make flower or oil drops, for example in a perfume.

7. Put some seeds into a seed box about 10 times, then put a lid with a seal on it in the garden or your balcony.

8. Water, mist and make sure that you’ll have a good moisture.

9. After few days, take your saffron out of the box in which you put it and shake it on the ground or into the windows on a warm spot until it wilted, then it is ready to plant the saffron in your garden.

10. Place the saffron at the height of you are planting, and take a saffron rod about 10 times.

11. Then plant seeds in the soil, so that the surface is dry before you put a new seed into it.

12. Let the seeds grow on the soil, let it dry out after about 24 hours.

13. Take your saffron and plant seed in the soil (you can’t plant your seeds in it) and let it dry out. Then put it back in the seed box. If there’s a hole, put it again.

14. Now, take your saffron in a plastic bag and put