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Or where is the best place for their pitches to land?

While there are plenty of variables that determine which pitchers get into the batter’s box (as well as how it should be delivered), one major thing is known, whether you’re a fan of baseball or a diehard sabermetrician. Every batter has one pitch that is his or her primary weapon: the baseball in their hands.

All hitters have certain characteristics that allow them to make certain types of swings, particularly in the case of a fastball and a change-up.

For this reason, we’ll take a look at several of these basic characteristics to better understand what they actually mean for offensive production at different levels, as listed in the video accompanying this post.

The First Pitch

This is one of the most crucial characteristics of any hitter.

Think about it. When a pitcher throws a fastball, which is an area of the strike zone that is not protected in the same way a strike zone is protecting a strike, it’s the first pitch. A pitcher’s primary weapon.

All power pitchers tend to have great command of their fastball. Not only can they hit a lot of fly balls, with most hitting the ball out of the air in the upper or lower third from the pitcher. The difference in command and power is tremendous; this is one of the most important statistics that can be measured by any level pitcher.

This is a fact that I want to emphasize.

How can we analyze the strike zone, strike zone control, and the power of those hitters? These three aspects alone give a great insight not only to the hitter who has control over the pitch, but any hitter trying to become a true all-around player.

Control is the only way to do that. If hitters can’t move the ball, they just can’t hit it, and this doesn’t necessarily make them bad hitters. It makes them terrible, simply because they don’t have the ability to hit for power to begin with. These things are important, but if you can’t throw the ball, you can’t hit for power. I always forget I said it either. The first pitch is the only thing you have control over, because it’s always that first pitch. I’ll explain.

The zone is designed to protect hitters from certain types of pitches. As discussed, the zone is designed to protect the pitcher’s best pitch from the outside corners. All the areas beyond the strike zone are completely protected.

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