Who is the highest paid ventriloquist? – Is It Hard To Be A Ventriloquist

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The average income for each top performer is $150,000 or more, according to data from the National Enquirer.

Here are the biggest winners:

1) Donald Trump: $200,000. He has been earning a hefty bundle, despite Trump’s comments that he thinks he is “underpaid.” He said that his current income is $10million a year. He is the third highest paid ventriloquist.

Trump has also gotten major attention for his TV show “The Apprentice.” He has been on the show for eight years and has won four major Emmy Awards and four Golden Globe Awards for it.

2) Larry David: $155,000. His name is so synonymous with the comedy show “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” as well as the Emmy-nominated HBO series “Seinfeld,” David earned about a million dollars for his show through 2015.

3) Jimmy Fallon: $135,000. He has been with NBC’s “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon” since 1999, according to NBC’s promotional materials. He was named Sunday Night Football’s “Man of the Week” in 2003. Fallon also has a syndicated TV show.

4) Jim Parsons: $85,000. The former “Duck Dynasty” star was the highest paid ventriloquist during the early 2000’s for both “Duck Dynasty” and “DuckTales.” He is also the third highest paid ventriloquist with the ABC children’s show “Sesame Street.”

5) Stephen Colbert: $78,000. He has had very successful stints hosting “The Colbert Report” and “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert.”

6) John Stamos: $73,000. There are some notable shows that have both celebrity ventriloquists and comedy. “Parks and Recreation,” “Community,” “30 Rock,” “Parks and Recreation” and “The Office” all have their own celebrity and comedy ventriloquist. The highest paid show is “Modern Family” with the show’s best Ventriloquist, John Stamos, earning $73,000.

7) Paul Lynde: $63,000. He was also one of the first to give ventriloquist services in the late 1960’s when he started using his “Lazy Eye” ventriloquism and began giving demonstrations. A television show and a movie have been created about him. The most recent

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