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Famous folks such as Bill Cosby, Tony Robbins, and Eddie Murphy use these to sell books, make TV appearances or perform in comedy clubs. Their faces are often blurred to increase the visual impact. Some celebrities use a plastic dummy, a live cat, or an actor’s head for their roles.

Many people are unaware these are people who are actually performing. They perform for the people who they think are paying attention. A few are just “artists” who dress up like people from all walks of life.

Dummy-doll performances are also often part of a variety show. This type of performance allows the entertainers to get close to real audiences and create an experience not possible via voice. An “artist in the crowd” performing a variety show takes on the role of a real person.

Dummy-doll performance also creates a more authentic, intimate experience for the fans. People who are not part of the audience can easily feel like they are in a movie theater. This could be a life changing event.

Some people are afraid of being put in an uncomfortable pose or pose that looks funny. These performers are aware of this risk and often pose differently and in better light than what you are used to seeing.

Unicorn Puppet by Axtell Expressons

Dummy-dummy performance is different than fake news

A lot of fake news is created and perpetuated by the same people making these “dummies”, using different sets of props. When “fake news” is created with live actors, this is not something to worry about, unless they deliberately set up an environment that forces people to make a reaction.

When people see a performance with a fake dummy, they can see how a true person would act or react that day. They can learn more from watching.

So, you probably don’t want to see a fake news performance in your house – no.

The best thing to do is see a dummy, read a few stories about it, get more information about the performer from other people and research about the performer you would like to hire to do the gig.

Dummy performance can be dangerous

Some performers are skilled enough to use a fake dummy on stage and use that to create something dramatic, but they aren’t good by any stretch of the imagination.

Dummy performance does not make you any less of a human being. What you see is not what you think.

In fact, some performers like the idea of being paid to go out and

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