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That the voice-over artist, the voice-over writer, the voice-over producer, or the voice-over actor are the best in the land; that it never works; and there’s no future in working with them?”

“What do these people know?” I cried. “What do they know what any of us know about the industry? What do they know about the money they’ll make? How much of it they can make?”

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“Not much.”

“They say, ‘Oh, the money will come when you’re old and tired, but it will never come. The money is a game that only the fool plays. What do you say about that?’ If you are an independent voice-over actor you know what it means.”

“And now,” said the voice-over artist, “I shall now tell you what I know about the industry. The money is very little. They’ll get money when they want it. But they’ll get money when they’ve got a good idea, and they don’t have any ideas.”

“It’s no good to tell you that. We’re not going to buy a business. You’ve told me nothing of the work we are going to do. You haven’t told me anything about the money. That’s all you know at this time. You don’t know anything about what they are going to charge. You have read this pamphlet you put out about the voice-over industry, and you know nothing about the voice-over business at all. We have to learn a lot of things together or we shall simply be nothing.”

“But I can think of something to do!” said the voice-over artist, “if you’ll let me.”

And they made a deal. They had gone through the list of people who had spoken, tried to find out all their names and all their addresses, and had gone through the list of the voice-over publishers, and learned that they were in that position. They had found out that there was only one voice-over publisher, and that it sold only one book. They had found out about the fact that two or three voice-over creators sometimes made a little money, while four or five got nothing. “And here’s the thing,” said the voice-over artist, “the voice-over business will never do. It will always stay as it is.”

“If I were to say as many things as it requires of me just now,” said

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