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Where’s our doll? I’m talking about the big guy in the attic with the red face, the one that plays the guitar all the time and has a guitar in his attic. There’s really a lot to like about a boy named Robbie (or, should I say, Robbie-bear-bear). He’s always been the kind of guy that would let you take his shirt off when you asked for one off. He’s the type of guy that would be happy to give you a piggyback ride in the backyard. His friends called him “the bear bear” and he got along with a few of his classmates by sticking up to them and taking on their names as well. He was all a bear can do after school, though, until he got picked on at his school, then he didn’t know which one he belonged to. “I’ve been on the outs with everyone, I need something really bad” he told them all. “I think I need an intervention.”

Robbie came home one day, and his mom had a surprise for him. He was the only person that they had ever gotten along with and Robbie had started to become a little different after he realized what he wanted was out of reach. He was in the same class as his buddies, so he made the transition to the new class and started to feel like a new person. One afternoon, when he saw his new teacher, Katie, talking about a new movie, he told everyone (except for his bullies) about it and gave her high marks, knowing he knew the score he deserved.

Katie came in with her friend to talk about things, Robbie started to be a big deal and soon his teachers saw it. “You should see Robbie,” Katie told them, “he went to class all the way on time.” The next day, when they were at lunch, Robbie was always giving high fives to everyone, always happy to say hi to everyone and seemed to make everyone feel comfortable. “I think Robbie needs to show me all his new friends and see how they all handle the transition from being a bully into being friends,” Katie said, “I know that’s how a big, bad boy is supposed to turn out. But I think this Robbie is different.”

Robbie’s new teacher was impressed, Robbie’s friends started to notice that Robbie was not only better looking than usual, but also the first out gay kid for a new class, so they became more open about Robbie’s new life at school,

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