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The ventriloquist is a character that has appeared in numerous horror movies from classic and new horror films. He may be called a “videogame character”, but he is still a real person.

Ventriloquists have a good reputation. They are known to scare children and scare people. However, ventriloquists often work with children and may or may not act in a manner which can be considered violent. However, ventriloquists do not appear to have any specific rules about children. As a rule, ventriloquists do not harm children or do anything to the children that may cause any harm. The ventriloquists are the same as a puppeteer or a voice director. A ventriloquist is also a child.

Is it okay to talk when watching a ventriloquist act?

Yes. It is permissible to watch a ventriloquist act as long as you are not disturbing or threatening others. For example, as long as you are not talking to or laughing with the other people around the ventriloquist.

If you are talking when he is in the act of performing, that is not a crime and is not considered harassment.

Does ventriloquists have to be of normal ages or does that not matter?

No. If you intend to watch the show, you may watch it even if the ventriloquist is only a small baby or an infant. However, be sure not to disturb or harass people and animals near the ventriloquist.

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