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We used that metaphor in our film “No Words”, but today we’ve seen it on “Black-ish”.

We asked the creative team behind the show – whose job is to create conversations that move and challenge you – to create the ultimate conversation starter to get us started.

Watch the video – then tell us about who you can imagine doing what. And we’ll make you a list.

How many of the people on this quiz can you imagine having dinner with? Please let us know what’s your secret. Tweet @BBCBlackPeopleSay

It’s the most obvious thing, the one that everyone knows, but few realize is the one piece of trivia that’s more likely to give you an inkling of your greatness than anything else.

How many points does the NFL’s best receiver have?

That is the question I asked myself this past off month when, as I was doing some homework into football statistics, I was intrigued by the answer.

And you, dear reader, are most likely to know.

No one is ever going to know your score. Not in the first half of the NFL playoffs if we’re talking about.

But with the game between the New England Patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers in the Super Bowl coming up on Monday night, we need to take a look at who has been the most prolific passing receiver in the Super Bowl over the years.

The NFL’s current greatest receiver is Tom Brady, and his 393 yards against the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl XLIX might be his most impressive statistical performance in recent memory. He might also be the most important.

Of course, Brady and the Patriots won.

The Packers and the Lions, two NFC playoff teams who were playing the Patriots in the playoffs, both tied Brady for passing with a pair of touchdown passes. But of course, the Packers and the Lions, two NFC playoff teams, both lost.

Still, the fact that Brady has the most passing yards and touchdowns over his career to date is staggering to me. It makes you realize just how dominant players like Brady have been, and how important they are to these great teams he’s starred for.

So before the rest of the NFL begins talking about who the top receiver is in the NFL playoffs, let’s find out who’s No. 1.
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