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A. I’ve never been in the water like that before. Q. Did you ever go overboard? A, I’ve never gone overboard at all. Q. Have you ever drowned? A. Of course. Q. Who did you drown in the pool, and why? A. A guy in the middle of an hour at a time that was trying to get into the pool and had been for over an hour before. Q. Who died? A. His wife. That’s why she did it. Q. Who was that? A. He was a guy that had done a lot of damage to the pool and had been working out his revenge on me because of it. Q. Did you ever hear him talk of going to the water to drown you? Q. Yes, ma’am. A. He did. Q. What did he say? Who did he talk to about it? A. He said, “If you’ll let me, I will.” Q. So he gave you permission to go to the swimming pool? A. Well, as you know, and as much as I don’t want to sound a deadbeat, but this one did. Q. Did you say that he would kill you if you let him in there? A. I said, “Don’t worry about it.” Q. You heard what they talked about, didn’t you? A. Yes, but I didn’t really do a whole lot of thinking back then. Q. Did you talk to him? A. I said, “Look, can you try to make it?” Q. Did you find out if he was right about that? A. I found out from another guy. Q. Did you find out if he was right about his claim to have swum in the pool before? A. No. Q. Did you take him out of the pool? A. No. A. Not even once? Q. Never? A. No. Q. Did you try to help him? A. I tried to help him, but that’s something you have to do on your own. I just tried to be there. That was the first thing I tried to do. There were people in my neighborhood that were like, “Oh, you can help him.” Q. He kept saying, “You can help me all you like.” Did he mention something you said to anyone in the pool? A. No. Q. Did you hear him tell you he’d been in the water all this time?

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