How do you make a ventriloquist puppet out of a stuffed animal?

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It would take quite a few minutes to make one, but it’s doable. First of all, we’re going to need a stuffed animal with a clear plastic base. The base can be a cardboard box or a plastic tub. Plastic tubs are best at holding the puppet and will do a better job at keeping the pieces in place.

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Take the stuffed animal out of the box and carefully trim it all the way down to the ground. Then use a pair of needle and thread to sew the back into place. Try not to worry about the hole at the bottom. Place the puppet in the tub and screw the lid closed. Next, take a piece of duct tape and wrap around the edges of the top and bottom. This will act as a barrier to keep moisture and insects out of the puppet. Don’t forget the tape to protect your eyes.

For the ventriloquist puppet stand, we need a sturdy stool that is easily adjustable. We can use the base of the animal as our base. The best stool we could find at the time was made from polyurethane. If we were making a puppet from paper and tape it would work, but it would probably crack. An inch or two of plastic sheet in the middle works perfectly as a base. After attaching the base and lid together, it should look something like this.

Next we need to cut a hole in the top of the stool. We can do this through the PVC pipe but it’s less sturdy and it tends to break in the middle. So we’ll do it the other way. There’s a bit of a gap between us and the hole we just cut. To get rid of the gap we’ll use a couple of pieces of pipe. I used an inch and a half of PVC pipe. The hole we cut is made for the pipe. We will take that pipe and attach it to the side of the stool with duct tape to hold it on. Once the pipe is attached to either side, attach the lid to the tube and the rest of the piece of PVC pipe to close it. This will get the ventriloquist puppet set up perfectly for the act of “playing.”

So now that we’ve got the ventriloquist puppet set up, we can start making puppets. Here’s a quick video tutorial showing how to make a stuffed lion puppet with a wooden leg.

If you’d like, you could go with a stuffed animal and just make a stuffed puppet with that. It would