How do you make a sock puppet mouth?

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Simple! It’s the easiest and most effective trick in the world. What you do is take two pieces of rubber and stick them together. Then you insert something into the other piece (or mouth) and stick it in the rubber. There is no turning back now. The effect is immediate and it gets more and more potent the louder you talk, and the longer you talk. A nice trick. The rubber must be quite sticky to prevent sticking. The trick will work most if the rubber on the outside is very thin, but it will work with a good thick rubber (think polyurethane for socks, but even better). In the USA, you can order cheap disposable rubber feet that fit the sock. In the UK, you will need to buy more special rubber feet and a rubber tip.

Is there anything I can do to prevent the rubber mouth from taking over my hands?

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Yes! The trick is to squeeze out the rubber tip as tightly as possible, so that it’s sticking to the other end of the rubber. Make sure not to let it reach your skin, but pull it down and push it in. Remember, the rubber mouth is there only to hold the rubber. If you press it in too tightly, it will not stick.

My kid does this trick to get the whole household to smile at him!

A common trick. This is so effective that I’m surprised I didn’t catch it at the playground. I’d guess it was used in childhood by many of my friends. Just squeeze the rubber tip into the other shoe and stick it in one shoe at a time. Repeat until the whole group starts smiling. Make sure your foot is the correct type – usually one with lots of rubber in them. Try and hold the rubber tip as tightly as possible. Don’t let the rubber touch your skin, and don’t try to get it to the back of your mouth as that will be just too easy to suck up. Most rubber mouth tricks should also work with a ball of rubber. Just stick it in the side of the mouth and squeeze it down with your finger.

What is the best place to take a rubber mouth?

Usually the side of the neck, between your lips, where your tongue bends when you speak. You can put your hand over your mouth, but don’t let go completely. Put one of your fingers above your nose and your thumb over the bottom of the rubber tip. You can put the other half of your hand in between your