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It’s a good question to ask, especially if you are in the middle of a job search. It’s also a good question to answer, even if you don’t have a professional background. The answer will depend on many things (and the question) but here are a few of them:

There are three ways to make a puppet without moving your mouth. You can use a standard double, double-wide puppet head, a “carpet puppet” (that’s an artificial piece of cloth that can be moved around a puppet), or a more flexible, “sock puppet.”

There is also a lot you can do with the two different shapes of your mouth, although in both of these cases your choice of shape will depend on the puppet being used.

Puppet Maker: “How do you make a puppet without moving your mouth?” – 3 options

You can create a conventional puppet. You can use a double (double wide), double wide (which is what many puppet makers do) or a double thick skinned puppeteer (which we tend to call a sock puppet). This is the simplest to make.

But, again, there are other ways to do the same thing. A double wide will let you turn the head around as needed, and it gives you enough flexibility that you can move the puppet.

Ventriloquist Buttons – Dummy Buttons | Maher Studios

However, it will be too rigid for a puppet whose mouth is not moving, such as a standard puppet. It will have less mass. In addition, its weight will make it more difficult to move. The double thick skinned is much more flexible.

You can also use the double head and double thick skinned. The difference is that it is easier to bend the arms of the head, so you can bend them around the shoulders and not the top and bottom of the head.

But, it’s also quite cumbersome and requires special tools, so I’d recommend it only for large-scale puppets of a very specific shape and size. And, if you have a very large (or very large-scale) puppet, it’s not always the most comfortable choice, and might make you feel claustrophobic.

Or you can use the standard “sock puppet,” which is more flexible but still very rigid, having only the muscles and soft organs used for pulling and moving this shape. There are various kinds of socks like this (some are called “grippy socks” and some “loose

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