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Well first let me just say that if I could make a puppet I would. But I can’t. What I can do is show you some of life’s less savory tricks.

The official Twitter account of the Japanese franchise’s anime studio Sunrise aired an anime preview for the upcoming second season of the long-running slice-of-life drama Love Live!. The preview features the characters from the previous season as well as a new character named Haru. Haru appears to be a young woman who is not only a member of the Love Live! class but also has a brother who has become a member of the “Idol” class.

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A synopsis for Love Live! second season was released earlier this year.

An intro in the style of a musical for “Love Live!” (as in, the musical) has begun at a cafe where the first-years and returning students from last year’s class are having lunch with the members of the third year band. “There’s something about these girls… They’re all so kindhearted. It’s like a light of the heart that I could not have described as I just knew how to do it. I couldn’t have predicted that they would ever become the idol group for us.” – Nagato Yuki “I remember my first time hearing the lyrics to “Love Live!”… I cried when I heard them. I felt pure and happy, which I never felt before. The music really gave me a strong sense of happiness.” – Tsubasa Hanekawa “Even though I’m in love with my love interest, I still can’t stand the way he behaves. So, I will not forgive him. I’m always thinking, “What kind of person will take me to their graduation concert?”.” – Kizakura Risa “I’m sorry, but I have no more plans for this year. When I look back at last year, I feel that I’m still growing.” – Eri Kitamura “I like singing, so I’m always looking forward for the next concert. I’m always thinking of what’s wrong with my voice.” – Nagata Ayaka

As you may have heard, in June it was announced that Google Glass was not coming to the UK. This news was met with mixed reactions among people who saw it as a loss for privacy, and more importantly for the privacy of people wearing Glass in public and the public at large. Many people on the net expressed their outrage; the British government tried to do something about it,

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