How do you make a puppet face?

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I used the ‘Fog Machine’ tool and used it to draw two layers in a window. The layer above which I added my face was in black with a gradient towards yellow.

What would you think if I took a look at some of the faces which I have drawn and I could see how they were going to look like with the fog? I decided to create some puppet portraits that I’m sure you’ve seen already and I wanted to know where on each face the effect I would be using in-game. The face used in the screenshot was the black layer. The face above which I added a fog effect was on the lighter grey, the one below which I added a fog effect with a gradient towards orange I thought would look cool. Once I finished I could use ‘Fog Machine’ Tool (Ctrl+V) and draw the faces. When you hold shift to view full size, you can see the faces that I have applied in-game. I’m not sure who will like them but I think they look awesome!

This is a nice idea and as I said it’s not a hard technique which you can do as it took me about 10 minutes to implement. You need to know how the fog works in the game and it’s important. Before I had the idea where I could see what I would use in-game. It’s easy to use the tool but with the fog it’s really hard. So I hope that you like using the fog! If so, feel free to share your views and ideas! I really admire what you do. Thank you very much!

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