How do ventriloquists throw their voice?

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How do they use the head and neck? (Ventriloquists usually use the whole body to create the sound. The head is the source of air which is blown through the mouth.)

The sound is not a static or repeating sound. Some ventriloquists hold the mouth wide open or open it slightly.

The lips are used to control wind to form a more harmonious pitch. Often this means that one mouth has to hold a larger proportion of the sound during the blowing.

The throat is used to hold the throat. You can’t always hear your own voice.

How do they pronounce a word?

You have to hear a ventriloquist deliver their voice, it has to be right for you.

Ventriloquists typically have to know how to say “I” or “me” as well as say “yes”.

They speak into a microphone.

Invented Ventriloquists

Many of the most famous people in ventriloquism are ventriloquist inventors.

Ventriloquists are inventors in all sorts of areas of communication.

They have all contributed quite a bit to the inventiveness and progress of ventriloquism.

Ventriloquists (including their inventors and inventors’ helpers) are not required to register or have their voices recorded. All you need is access to an air-powered recorder which does not cost a lot of money.

Ventriloquists can work in a variety of occupations.

How are they paid?

Most ventriloquists are paid just under £8.00 (UK) a week for giving ventriloquism lessons and recording their voice recordings to be played for customers.

Most ventriloquists work on a volunteer basis.

Ventriloquists may also have an additional income from their own sales of their devices.

How much experience do ventriloquist have (or want)?

This varies based on the experience level. Some ventriloquists have many years professional experience and a large variety of jobs.

How many ventriloquists do you see?

Ventriloquists sometimes see over 1,000 people a day. You may be lucky if you get to meet someone!

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