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You’re trying to throw an arrow as far as possible – so where does that leave you? You have the weight of a horse (in a straight line) on your hip with a full bow, and your arm has to swing up to catch the arrow on a target at maximum range. This takes a lot of practice and a lot of determination.
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Another way to solve the accuracy problem is to use the bow to “shoot in space”. Let’s say you’re using a target that’s several yards away, and you have a target stick that’s about a foot or two off the ground. What are you doing? Shooting in space means that you’re pulling the bow up and pulling a shot in a very short distance. You are pulling the arrow all the way to the target without actually aiming. To be successful, you have to shoot really high in space. And it has to shoot very long distance.

I’m shooting for a distance in space. How long should the shot at maximum range be?

The distance at which you aim at maximum range really depends on the situation. As an example, think about this: you’re using the bow to shoot a target at maximum range – what are you doing with your eyes? You’re tracking the arrow into the target, then you’re tracking the target and adjusting the length of the bow to hit the target.

Think about the target you’re trying to aim at. When you aim at maximum range, the distance you’re looking at at maximum range is the diameter of your bow. When the arrow hits the target, your eye is moving a little and your eyes are doing a bit of the work. This gives you very, very limited range and makes the shot extremely hard to hit accurately.

To solve this, you have to change things up – you have to make your sights smaller or larger. If you’re aiming at maximum range, you have to make your sights as long as you can. What do you do? You make them very close to the bow.

This allows you to aim at maximum range more accurately, and it allows you to focus your eyes more effectively. The more your eyes work in parallel with a target, the faster your eye sees your target and the better you can hit your aiming point. The eyes don’t have to be working in a perfect circle, but they have to be working in parallel with the target.

What are the best tools for throwing the bow?

The best tools are:

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