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You must have a sense of where you’re throwing. One way is to set a timer. Set a timer of 15 seconds. This timer should tick off by itself when you throw. If it does, your lob will start to fly faster. I will sometimes give a little warning by making that timer tick before throwing rather than when I throw. I will usually go into full swing with my lob at about the 30 second mark. If I give myself a warning, I keep it up for a third try. To continue this process, I’ll need to have some kind of feedback system for my tosses. I like the idea of a bar on the sides called the “foe”. If you’re throwing at the same target, this will be the closest one. If you’re not throwing at the same target, or have a problem with that target, this will be the furthest one. The farther away that is, the better your throw will be. This will help you to pinpoint the perfect time to throw. It might seem a little trivial, and I’m sure there are some people out there who can’t throw accurately from that distance. But just remember to try! My lob hits at least two targets or goes just a little too far to the target. That’s OK. I want to hit targets that I can. At any rate, if you throw accurately, it will make your throwing more accurate.

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My Lob The first thing that I usually do is to set a timer. If I’m throwing with a heavy weapon (bow or crossbow), I set a timed attack that allows me to set up my lob. For the most part, this should be an attack that requires a quick action, like swinging from one hand. If you’re throwing with a light weapon (such as a sling, javelin, etc.), a small attack will set up the initial phase of the lob. If I’m not careful, I’ll keep the lob setup to a very small distance from my target. The same is true for the ranged attacks I have. The target should be at least about halfway forward of where I wish to lob at. However, when I’m lobbing, I’ll often wait until I come full circle to lob again if the target is not on my side. Once I get my lob in the air, I’ll aim for the direction I can see, then swing in the direction I’m aiming at. I also take the time to set up where I am going to lob. If I’m right in

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