Does Rex dies victorious?

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What does Rex’s death mean for the world’s nuclear arsenals?


Why is it important that we’re talking about climate change now?

Because if climate change happens, the entire infrastructure of the United States of America will be affected. It could very well destroy our infrastructure. It will also mean nuclear weapons cannot be used in the war against ISIS…

Which is, by the way, a point you make over and over. No country would ever leave the United States if we were to suddenly lose the ability to use nuclear weapons. That’s not happening. I’d be so disappointed in the Republicans, and I wish a lot more of them would understand my point if they thought about it for a minute.

A more reasonable way, though, to look at the entire conflict is to say, oh yeah, we were supposed to win Iraq and we were promised we’d win in Iraq, and we didn’t and we’re trying to fix that and we’re going to win Afghanistan… but what we really ought to be doing is trying to prevent nuclear war from beginning.

But I think the Democrats and Republicans would still be fighting about, okay, there was a deal, they’re happy to see peace and they’d like to see the economy recover, but let’s not have a war in North Korea that could bring the two countries together.

I have to say, though… the Republican Party would still be the party that would say that Kim Jong-un needs to be gone. I don’t give a damn whether they have a nuclear weapon, but what we’re trying to do is stop people from starting nuclear arm races, which is the same thing as nuclear war.

But the Democratic Party would be the party that would be a big believer in nuclear power, because in a time of mass unemployment, in a time of nuclear apocalypse, they think it’s not going to be hard to figure out how to build up nuclear power in the United States.

The Republican Party believes we ought to build up our economy and build the United States up. That’s actually something that I’d like to try to find agreement on as a national problem, because I think the two parties can come together around some common sense that’s going to save money, and help the economy recover.

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