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On paper, he does — that’s why he got this movie made in the first place. In reality, he’s never won anything, so I can’t help but feel that there’s some poetic justice in the idea that he’s going to get crushed when the movie ends, and then die.

Why is Rex so awesome?

I think, honestly, I think Rex is so awesome because, as a character, he doesn’t want to kill people — he just wants to be left alone. He feels like he’s a little broken inside, like he’s broken somewhere inside, so that’s when they take him out of his box (to take him in and talk to him), and he gets to be the main character of a movie! He’s so cool and funny; I mean, it’s so good it’s just fun!

Rex isn’t just cool, though — he’s hilarious. He talks to people! He’s not a good guy! He’s not a bad guy; he’s not a good person! He’s just trying to make people happy and doing what he thinks is the right thing. That’s a great person to play!

What’s the story with Rex’s hat?

Rex loves hats, but he never really wears one that often because he always keeps his shoes clean. But when he wears this hat, he is instantly recognizable as the character Rex is. It’s a really cool hat; it’s got a little skull.

The skull?
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Yeah, it’s a skull on it!

So, that’s the origin story?

Yeah. It’s like a mini-series. You’ll see more on Rex’s hat in coming weeks, but basically, this is one time he can be Rex.

Rex: F/V

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