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[Laughs.] I didn’t know what to think about that. And, you know, I didn’t know at the beginning whether I wanted to do a sequel, but it just felt like I was a bigger part of this in the end. That, to me, was a natural conclusion. It was almost like an unplanned ending, you know? Like the fact that they’ve been together forever makes it a little bittersweet. So the only thing I’m going to ever change about this is that, you know, I’m still going to be Robbie’s manager and then I’m still going to run the country.

I’m going to have a million children.

That’s gonna be my legacy.

OK, there the debate is over.

So I’m just gonna give this one to you, my readers.

You’ve obviously done big things; your book covers were very prominent last year. Were you ever reluctant to do something that big? How about in a more personal way?

I’m very passionate about animal welfare, and animals in general. I just think that they represent everything that people are looking for in a relationship, which is love and compassion, and that’s what was appealing to me so much about the story. I think I probably would have liked to have stayed closer to home a little bit, but at the same time I think having been raised very well, I know how valuable a relationship is and what a great family and friendship is. To me it is a great family, really — it’s one that I would always look for in my life and love. I think my passion was really to get to a point where I could actually have a relationship with Robbie.

It didn’t seem like you were making any compromises, though, at all. Not even a bit, to be honest, as you’re certainly not saying, you know, you’re going to be the man next month.

No, I’m not saying that that’s unrealistic. It was important for me to make it as realistic as possible and to make the book as true as possible. But Robbie really wanted to take his time with the relationship with Cat and what kind of life we’d have and that was what was so great about getting him to sit down and talk about it. - Learn To Be a Ventriloquist!

OK, what else are you working on for the rest of the year?

I’ve got a lot of ideas for books that I’m working on. Some of them, they

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