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Can you talk without lips? It’s hard to do. So you have to have two people that are also listening because if they can hear a conversation going on but they can’t feel it, they’re not going to understand it.

Brett McKay: Yeah. That is so true. So that’s the first part of having a team that is willing to listen, and so when you’ve got a really great story that you are telling, but you have guys like us that are kind of in the conversation and can hear and kind of know how you’re going on but if the guy has to leave or you want to go somewhere else, or you want to move to a different place, that is the point that you had to get through to the other side of the conversation.

Paul: In order to really tell it well, you need the other person to understand what you’re saying and there has to be an understanding that the other person is listening to this. If you’re being a douchebags, you’re just being a douchebag and not understanding the other person.

So that is how we get through conversations and it’s just like I’ve always wondered how people get into a job, and you guys go back and forth and you meet new people all the time and you’re kind of like, wow, we’ve been together for 20 years, and you see these good people and you want to have a chance at them at some point, but you can’t even explain why and how you came to them, and you don’t really see these people as good people at any time in your life.

So I’ve had friends in my family who work with me. I’ve had the privilege of working with them. I’ve had the opportunity to have a conversation with them. They have been able to talk to me and I haven’t gotten to know them anymore so I don’t know how they do it. I try to be open and listen to the other person. But that’s like a tough process. I would love to have some sort of a conversation with you guys but how can I? I have to listen to the story.

Brett McKay: Yeah. So you could write a book about this and it’s been a lot of good conversations. So I’ve got to tell you, I’m glad that you did. I think that that’s really awesome for me. I’m glad that we’re both here. I’m glad how much fun you guys are having and

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