Can skeletons talk?

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Who is the most boring person in the world? You.

Have you ever had the feeling that you may be about to lose a baby? No.

What about that one time when your dog tried to chew your fingernails? No, it was because your dog wanted to make your job easier.

What about when you went through puberty? Not so simple.

What will you do every day that you live? Make you laugh, or play with you children?

What do you remember saying when you were 12? “I am not a girl, I am a boy.” This is what you remember saying.

Have you ever wanted to put food in people’s mouth but haven’t been able to? I have.

Do you want to have children someday, but don’t want to deal with those awkward nights while making sure your children’re not hurting each other? You’re the adult. You can decide when you want to have a child.

If a dog wanted to go to sleep but someone was at the door, would it try to get out? No, I doubt it would.

What about if your dog suddenly wanted you to leave them alone and they were so angry that they wanted to hurt you? No, this is unlikely.

Has your dog ever been left alone before? Yes, in my experience, they like to make their own trouble (pun intended). Yes they do. When you’re feeling guilty or insecure, a dog can be the perfect comfort. I don’t know why it takes so long to explain this point, but that’s the case.

You’re just looking for some extra help to help you remember who you are. Maybe next time you’re wondering if you have a nose that is slightly too big, let’s take a second to remind ourselves about who we are and let ourselves feel the love.

In today’s episode, I’m introducing a new game we’ve been working on called Sculpting: How It Works.

Sculpting is a free, mobile-enabled game in the works that will allow you to sculpt, combine, and color real life objects. Once you download it and try it out, we’d love to hear what you think! And you can play it right here:

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