Are Ariana Grande and Matt Bennett dating?

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If so, the reality star may have the biggest blowup dating life of any reality star on television right now.

Gossip Cop reports that on Sunday, the 27-year-old singer posted a picture of the pair on Instagram.

The picture showed the two together, sitting by a fire and talking on their phones. It then showed a caption reading: “Just having a chat this morning, about a couple things.”

After a few days it was deleted, but it wasn’t long before fans started to speculate that this was Bennett and Grande’s first true date – and they’d broken up.

The gossip site said it was highly possible because their two Twitter accounts aren’t linked.

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A report in People Magazine last month also suggested that both Grande and Bennett, who are dating on and off, were romantically linked.

However, a former friend of one of them told People that they had split up in 2016.

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Other sources have also suggested that the relationship was doomed, with the reports claiming Grande is pregnant with another child due next month and that Bennett was having doubts about their relationship.

But other sources told People that they don’t believe Bennett had broken up because he wasn’t in a relationship with Grande and had been dating a man instead.

“No one is upset with Matt, because he’s in a relationship with someone who is also single,” the source said.

A report in TMZ also stated that some of Bennett’s old flame had dumped him. However, the site later updated its story to say he had not broken up with her.

It’s been rumored the couple split up over a dispute over a hotel room arrangement, with Bennett paying for the hotel room for Grande and Bennett having a separate room.

A report in The Daily Beast in November also stated that a number of the singers were romantically linked.

However, it said this wasn’t the case between Bennett and Grande and Bennett had been looking for a long time at a woman who was interested in him.

The report was based on private conversations that Bennett had with a woman who is not Ariana’s ex-boyfriend.

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A report in Entertainment Weekly claimed that the relationship was already in