Why do cricket pitchers run?

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“All of the pitches are made with rubber,” a spokesman for one of the biggest brands of cricket gloves told the BBC. “In the last couple of years, we have seen pitches made with recycled tyres, or even from cars’ tyres. In some places it was so easy to make new-style rubber.”

What has happened with all those pitches?

Plastics have been used because “plastic is less expensive than metal,” explained a spokesman. “All the balls have been made with the same process.”

What does the pitch look like?

“When we have a new new-style pitch we send it to the factories as soon as we buy it,” said one of the manufacturers.

What do the balls feel like?

“It’s more like a rubber ball than a rubber rubber ball [laughs],” said the manufacturer. “The pressure from the spin is different. That’s really nice. We always try to be as accurate to the ball [as possible], and the rubber ball [is] more similar to a ball in action.”

What do they feel like in practice?

“It sounds like a rollercoaster with an extra seat,” said one of the manufacturers. “You can run pretty fast on it.”

How is the game played?

“The balls are like a baseball,” said the manufacturer. “And it’s like a lot of cricket where they spin, too, I guess.”

Do they move in a loop?

“No, it’s more like [the ball] going around,” said the manufacturer.

Hasn’t the batsmen gone down on all the pitches?

“All of the batsmen are on the same pitches,” said one of the manufacturers. “The one on the end [of the pitch] hasn’t gone down because there’s no support. The batsmen are on those pitches too.”

Does there ever appear to be some sort of foul play?

“There’s never any sort of foul play,” said a spokesman for one of the brands of cricket gloves. “The players have been working with the pitch from the ground all the time. They are constantly working on it. And at the end of the day they will have a much better performance on their hands. They will feel a difference in how they grip it. And [the bat] will be a little less heavy.”

Who makes the wickets?

“It’s all