Why am I tone deaf?

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First of all, I am very sorry about that. I am very careful with my language. I try to be very clear, and don’t go off and say all kinds of stuff. I just think, “I thought it was such an interesting idea.” But I thought it was very much worth doing. Maybe I’ve got enough material, just going around the country to people, that I am very confident that the story can stand a good showing.

But I have also to be sure, I have to be sure, that I can show a good show in New York, not just a good show that is a little silly, but a good show that is very well researched. But I didn’t want to be a guy who just said something out of the blue. I’m very careful. I said “There is a connection between this kind of work and [the] New York City Connection.” I couldn’t have said that if I didn’t have the confidence to say, “This is an interesting connection.” But I didn’t want to make up something to get some big ratings boost. I don’t want to have to deal with the consequences of saying something that I don’t mean. I was very careful, and very careful!

The whole thing is not about publicity. I was very careful in coming home and sending a letter. Because the story is about people doing things that are really illegal and it’s very disturbing, but it’s not about PR.

I think the whole thing is about people doing things that are really illegal and it’s very disturbing, but it’s not about PR.

And I don’t want to be in a position where somebody has already said, “Oh, I know about this, it’s interesting, let’s use it to create publicity.” You don’t get to create that for me by being in a position like that. I was so careful not to do that. I sent that letter to my friend, who goes out and writes stories and sends them out. So I was very protective about that.

You have such a strong connection to New York. The fact that your story came from a piece we got that was going to run the week after you were born. And it was going to run the month before my birthday. I’m talking about a New York Times story written by this really outstanding reporter that they picked up in New York. That was the most significant thing to happen in one of your careers ever. I had never gotten any kind of