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When the larynx is located near the sternum, the throat is more anterior than it is at other positions. There are several reasons for this: In the case of the larynx, it helps to keep the tongue moving (it’s moving in a way to “talk” more), and because of this the tongue can move farther away. Since the tongue is moving, a portion of the larynx is exposed to air, or air pockets, which can stimulate the tongue and stimulate more speech, making the position more interesting and inviting.

Most people know that at a “deep” or “low” larynx the nose is on one side of the larynx. This side can be seen through the bridge of the nose, or with a mirror. It is not uncommon to have a higher larynx than at other positions of the head or upper neck.

What are some things to avoid at the “low” larynx?
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Avoid pushing the nose farther forward than the larynx would allow, and also be conservative. This is not an easy position to master, and may lead to a slight laryngectomy or a permanent adjustment that you will not enjoy.

Why does the larynx open at a low larynx?

At a “low” position, the air in the upper body gets compressed, so the larynx may be more open than usual, resulting in some problems. To prevent this, you can adjust the positions of the back spine and neck. You might be able to do this by pulling on a brace or using an extensor or a combination of devices. The brace or device can also help with opening the larynx.

What if opening the larynx isn’t easy to do?

Although surgery is not an option unless it is absolutely necessary, there are several simple ways to help improve your larynx:

Avoid pushing the neck into the side of the throat, as it pulls on the larynx.

Keep your head elevated.

When bending over, look downward, so that the larynx will open more easily.

Don’t swallow or blow your nose, as this could pull on the larynx.

When the larynx is compressed, be sure to “breathe comfortably, as this will help relieve some of the pressure in the larynx. This helps to eliminate an opening that is uncomfortable when the throat is

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