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The Census Bureau asked about this question in their 2013 American Community Survey. If you want to know how many people are really born and who can be an old maid, then the answer to that question is “1 in 9.”

The question is a little different than “Can I go to Harvard with you?” — and, perhaps, is a little bit more complicated.

First of all, it isn’t possible to measure the true talent of a person with that answer. How much “talent” would you give to a 9-year-old who sang, “Oh, I’m a star in high school”? I can only imagine what kind of a talent you’d have.

We’ll let the Census Bureau explain the difference between an old maid and a 9-year-old, since that’s what they’re working with:

In order to correctly rate each year of a respondent’s life on a 1 to 9 scale, respondents are asked whether and how many months in the year they were an old maid as a child. For the 2012 Current Population Survey, data were collected from a sample of approximately 1,000 households. Respondents were asked if at any time in the past twelve months an old maid lived with them, whether or not she had children, whether or not she had a job or other work, and what kind of job she had.

The answer to the question of who can’t sing? No:

At the age of one, most people will have been able to sing with ease. Some may already be able to sing or will soon be able to. Some may never be able to sing. Some may have had a serious illness that impaired their ability at any time in the past. And some may never sing.

And the answer to the question of who can’t get a promotion from their job? No:

As people move up the occupational ladder—or as they improve on that ladder—many are able to move out of their jobs and into higher-paying careers. While many of us aspire to better jobs, many of us have to find alternatives and keep pushing to keep our jobs. However, despite all our efforts, many people fall short of their jobs’ potential. Because of a combination of factors from years of hard work to the effects of the recession, some people find themselves out of work, unable to support themselves.

So there you have it. In 2013, the United States’ most likely population who can’t sing was not

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