What is the pitch?

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Let’s get something straight: this is a very, very small company. If we go in there and say, “This is your IP, and we want to give you a chance to use this,” there are going to be some obstacles to that. There’s a couple of these challenges. Some people are going to be uncomfortable doing this. There’s going to be some costs. There are going to be some regulations. So we need a partnership between a company and a government that has already shown a lot of interest in the area. And our partnership is really to get the regulations right and to make sure that the companies that want to use this do it in a way in which people can benefit from it in ways that we think will be beneficial.

What is a good start? We’ve been talking with some very interesting people in government agencies. We have one in the UK, and we also have some in China. They had a public consultation process that was open to the public. They got together and worked very closely with government agencies to create some of these regulations which they are now looking at approving from time to time.

What is your goal? We want to be able to make a difference. We also want to be able to make good use of our IP. We want to do both. It is pretty clear that the United States has become a big player in terms of Internet regulation, but at the same time, the U.K. has had a pretty great track record of Internet regulation and Internet business. If we can do that with our IP, then let us be able to do so for other types of regulation.

Who is your audience and which technologies do you want to encourage? We really do want to be able to make a difference. We have several people that could benefit from having this sort of system. For example, if you have some people who are just trying to get some extra income or trying to get some extra revenue off of something or maybe just as a platform, you’re going to want to have the ability to license that IP out to different places at different times of the day.

How do you do it? At the beginning, we’ve had people tell us, “Oh, I don’t want to use this IP. You will have to be a partner with me because I have this business. I can’t just use mine.” We have had those conversations over the years. And then then, there’s the question of, “Oh, I want to license my own