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In the last few years, a significant number of people have decided that the key to learning a language is simply to have the right knowledge of the language. However, as people learn a language, they will find that they may have a lot of knowledge that they never use, but that they have yet to really master. In other words, learning French is like learning a language you can’t really use, which is why learning it can be more of an adventure than it is a challenge. Here is an example of what that may look like:

Some months ago, I was given a new set of French words at a language school. They had a vocabulary of about 500 words. I was able to use them, but with a few exceptions, I found the words to be hard to remember. I didn’t need to know the words before I learned them, but I did need to learn the words well enough to be able to use them. After some time, I decided that a little bit of repetition from those words would be helpful to make them easier to remember.
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I set up the word list. I created a few lists of the words, and I used the list to create a grid to keep track of what had been learned so far.

At some point in the next few months, I received a French email from someone in my neighborhood in my area, so I had to use the new word grid to quickly find the email address. It would be easy to forget some words like “aure”, “goulon”, or “fon”. If I used the word grid to find the email address, I would automatically find out all of the words on the word list, but if you are a native French person, you may not know the spelling of those words or may wish to check a few of these out anyway.

I was trying to use the grid to the best of my ability, but the word list was always out of order, so I ended up looking through some of the other word lists. It was clear to me that there would be more words I don’t currently know that could be used with the word grid. However, the grid would not give me a good idea just where to start. Once I had determined which words I might need to know more about, I would search for them. Here is a list of some popular words that are used a lot in French.

Fon : “The,” used in the past participle of the verb “to fl

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