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Is it an absolute value of the speed?

No, it is merely the speed of the ball. It is the speed of the ball that is the issue. The speed of the ball is dependent on the player’s skill and their physique.

The body is much more important than the hands. A player can hit a pitch more efficiently through the body than the hands.

Is the change in pitch speed a big concern, in particular for power hitters, for example, if it is a problem?

It would change the game. I think the main consideration is your body’s condition as the season progresses.

Can you remember any strike called that was not thrown at home?

I think on some ballfields, for example, I think some guys are throwing a lot of sliders in the zone. We haven’t talked about that because there’s no data to put it up against, but in general, some guys have been throwing the ball too hard on some strike pitches. I’m not sure that’s not true for most ballfields. It might depend on the location, but I’m not sure why hitters would just throw it at them out of the zone. That might get you more whiffs out of the zone.

What is your opinion and what is a hitter’s? How do pitchers measure a strike given to a hitter?

At this point, I’m just talking about that in general but there are a couple of things I can think of. One is, is the pitch called? If so, is it a ball or a strike? We saw from this past year that the curveball has become a big topic for hitters. It’s really difficult on pitchers to know what ball it is.

What’s the difference between a strike, a ball, and a foul ball?

A strike is a pitch. A strike is, of course, a strike. What is a foul ball? That depends on what zone it’s thrown in. Sometimes it’s a ball. Sometimes it’s a ball. There is no such thing as a foul ball. What is a strike? I think that a lot of times, they don’t even know what the strike zone is.

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What do you think of the change of direction for some hitters, that they are going the other way, which is not an option in the past, but is considered to be acceptable this year?

Well, one of the things in the game that I really, really like the pitch

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