What is a semi tone in music?

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You know, just the sound you make when you don’t really know your instrument.

And that’s what I’m talking about on my website.

You know those sound bites where they get you into a song, give you the mood and you hear the music? That’s what I’m talking about.

And you don’t know what you’re listening to, especially if you’re trying to learn guitar.

What is a semi tone?

In the past I’ve used “sudden death” as an example when I have wanted to show the listener a simple and quick way to play over a chord in a blues song.

It’s not that simple but it is a great starting point.

And the one thing many people overlook when they are learning guitar is how much you have to actually understand the chord to be successful.

So with this article I’m going to walk you through my experience with using semi tones, step by step, to build your basic knowledge of the guitar.

Before we begin we’re going to put the intro chords at the start of the song to get you started, in this case “Sudden Death”.

I’ve made this video at the beginning of my article but you can click the link to watch the entire part here (sorry there was a problem with the video, I’ll fix that now. It’s not very good! :P).

So let’s get into the music.

Here we go, there we go.

I’ve played this section in “Sudden Death” three different ways and it sounds so much better than just using the “guitar” keys.

This is how I would solo over this song, all notes would be played directly from my fretboard so the video wouldn’t be so flat.

Here’s one key I used:

On “C#” F# and D#m

You can see the notes on my fretboard there as well so you can hear this clearly.

Here’s another key I used.

On “Bm” Dm

The notes are much lower because that’s the note I used for my Dm chord in my solo.

Also, here’s another key I used a lot to solo over this song.

On “A#” Am and Dm

This sounds great in my opinion but you might not find it so easy to play over that chord because the second