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Tar water is the water that you see in the pictures of people walking on tar. You feel it on your skin, but don’t see it on your shoes. It makes your feet and skin sting. There’s really no other water that does this, so what is it?

The exact chemicals in tar water are unknown, but there are two substances. The first is “diluted tar” – it’s a mixture of chemicals that is used in some commercial swimming pools and laundry detergents. The other is “tar-tar” – it’s water that’s very diluted, then distilled.

The diluted tar in the laundry detergent doesn’t hurt – but as you can imagine, this dilution does not make the water safe to drink. It kills bacteria. That’s what causes the chemical reactions to form the stinging effect.

The only benefit is that its water doesn’t sting.

Who uses it?

There are several places where it may be used, depending on where you live. Most people drink it at restaurants, in coffee, and in water fountains, but the water in some tap water fountains might have a tar-water ingredient. If the water has a tar name, it probably comes from an industrial or municipal water treatment plant. If it’s a hotel hotel, perhaps a bartender will let you use it if you buy it from him, or give it to you. (You are buying the water, he is helping get it out of the water plant.)

Tears from washing clothes also may be made in this manner – they make a very strong and unpleasant smelling solution and are known as a “festering agent.” This is how some of the chlorine-based cleansers get their name.

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Can I live with it?

The best way to survive with this is to not use it for yourself or to drink it. (It’s not recommended, except as a matter of necessity, for the pregnant and nursing women.)

Treating with it is a matter of personal choice. Some people have said it helps with asthma and allergies. If you like to drink it for medicinal purposes, then try drinking it at night, even if its dilution might be a problem. But remember, it will only make you feel better if you drink enough of it to do so.

A little information regarding how tar goes into your home is also available: Tar Water Safety

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