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The answer depends on whether you are singing for business or pleasure. Some folks consider it to be a business, with the same financial and time pressures that business people face. For the sake of convenience I’ll use “talent” as the equivalent term. For the sake of brevity that will change over time.
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If you are singing to create profit then there is more profit to be made; and the performance and performance of voice is something you will have to earn back at a later date. If you are singing to entertain, or to be happy, there is less profit to be made. This is a matter of what is most appealing to the listener and what is most emotionally satisfying to them.

If you make music for a living, and are doing so for personal reasons, then the performance of your voice needs to be appreciated. And with each new album that you produce there is additional profit to be made (if you know how to exploit the sound!). So, as long as your audience sees your voice in the same way they saw the earlier albums or that we had fun recording, then the best that can happen to you is that, by the end of your life, they will be grateful they listened to you and that you sang their songs.

All that I’ve said, above, is basically a simplified version of what we talk about when we say that a vocalist must sing, even if the words may be written. If we are talking about singing for personal enjoyment then the same rules for your performances apply to all aspects of your business ventures.

As a business owner it is all about “losing some money but making the right amount out of it.” Even if you’re singing so that all of your money doesn’t go to a personal account, you still must be able to make money out of your personal business ventures. The only time it is necessary to think about having a singing practice is when you are going to go to a private session or singing club (even those that sell a private singing session for $15-20 a night). In a private vocal session you have to have the ability to make money that way and if you have no money when you go to the venue, you won’t be able to make a profit and the person behind the desk will have no idea why.

If you’re making money out of playing a private vocal session, that’s one thing. You have a private gig to perform. But if all that money you make was to be used towards making more

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