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In this blog I’ve given a more detailed overview of how pitch a liquid might be, and what might be involved. Let us now get on to our next problem, which is the use of a liquid with a specific size and shape to create a liquid sphere.

How to pitch a liquid

To get an idea of your sphere shape we will need to calculate the volume on the liquid that we want to be made.

If we do not know the size of our liquid (i.e. we need to get this from the equation -volume(m)*2) then we can get this from the fluid equation, that has two coefficients that can be used to solve for the volume:

-volume(m)*2 = volume of liquid, this can be obtained from the equation above

To calculate the shape of the sphere we do not actually need to know the liquid, so we are just going to make a rough approximation of the shape that will be of a given size and shape, i.e. we are going to use this in order to find the shape with the least error (see later on this blog to see a more formal mathematical proof).

Once we have solved for the volume of the liquid we can compute how much is lost in the equation if we add or subtract our liquid to the previous equation to get a sphere, that is, where v1 and v2 are the liquid and its volume and v3 is the size of the liquid sphere that the sphere should have:

-exp(-v2)+exp(-v1) = -v3 + v1 = -1

If we add or subtract our liquid then no extra volume will be lost, no matter what shape the sphere is.

So how is it even possible to use a liquid with a specific size and shape?

Pole in liquid

So how does an object float in liquid?

To move a sphere and stick it to a surface in liquid, it really only needs to be able to float up in air or be made to float up in liquid.

We can calculate the direction of a liquid and how it moves up in solution to find what will give us our final direction of motion.

To be specific in our problem the direction we wish to reach is given by -dx=(y-x)=sin(a*x) +cos(a*x) and we calculate the angle -dx in which we would like our sphere to

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