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It is haram, even if a Muslim sings a song against a Prophet of Allah.

It is also Haram for a Jew to kiss a bridegroom’s hands, even if it is in an Islamic tradition. However, it is not haram if a Jew performs the act on himself. This includes the act with a Jew, a married Jew even. In fact, this is a Muslim tradition, not a Jewish one.

I think this is where the misunderstanding comes in: What is the difference between a Christian performing a hymn in the church, and a Jew doing the same?

As is well known, there are very few verses of the Quran that explicitly forbid anything sexual. But for some Christians and Muslims, this is what they want for the most part. When people say, “It is haram to be gay or bisexual, therefore we cannot accept them as Christians, therefore we cannot accept them as Christians!” or “You cannot have sex with a woman because Muslims do not allow it,” it becomes clear that the person is not only unaware that there are other Muslims, but that he cannot understand how sex can be separated from what the Quran has explicitly forbidden and banned. When he says, “If a girl says she has sex with only one partner but she is married to two people in fact, then this is also haram (and a sin),” and this is actually the only reason why he could not accept the couple because he thinks sex with another person is wrong, this is like him saying, “If I say I eat pork, then the people are hypocrites” because I cannot allow eating pork, but I can eat human flesh if I say I just have a different understanding of what is haram and what is not. The difference between this and what Muslims believe, the difference between what Christians believe, and what Judaism believes, is that there is a different understanding of what is and is not the opposite of what haram means.

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So it’s clear that the main difference between a Jew wanting a Muslim to marry him and vice versa is simply that he cannot understand why a Jew would marry another Jew or reject him because it is something they cannot understand.

I think there is a difference between a Christian wanting a Muslim to marry him and vice versa. This is the Muslim’s problem. When a Christian wants to marry a Muslim, he does not want to be rejected because he simply can’t understand what is haram and what is not. The Christian does not realize that by marrying

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