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A major is an octave (4 notes in a scale) and a minor is an octave (4 notes in a scale). So there are 1, 2, 3, 12(5)(13)(15(5)…) notes in the scale, which is what this calculator tells you. However, in musical terms, the major and minor scales are both 3 notes in a set of 3 notes. So you can see how it’s not quite right in the first example to say it’s 12 notes in a scale.

The whole difference between major and minor scales is that the minor uses a scale whose length is divided into three equal parts, while the major uses a scale whose length is divided only into two equal parts. (The idea of division in a way of how to divide a thing doesn’t exist in the physical world, because there’s only one place the thing can be spread).

Some examples:

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It’s 10 days to a year

You take a car to work and are told that all the parts that make up the car – such as tires and motors, chassis, seats, engine – are made of six pieces each weighing 1 kg. If you use the metric system or the old way of measuring, you’ve done six parts, but if you divide them up by three like the scale on the guitar, then it’s the same as if you used four bits instead of three.

So you’d take the car to work but only take the part that weighs 6kg.

It’s 1 inch thick

This was true at one time (and still is), but in the past decade it’s not so true any more. If we use the old way of measuring, 1mm = 0.003 millimetres, that means the thickness of 1mm can be about 0.03 millimetres or even less. Nowadays a measure is used for most things – for example, the thickness of a piece of paper is used as a measure of thickness, rather than the thickness of a part, and a single millimetre is the thickness of about 1mm. So the thickness of a paper can be 0.03mm. Similarly a 1mm thick part will be 0.01mm, so it’s the same thickness. But the part itself can be less or larger than 1mm.

If you’re unsure, use the “measure with confidence toolbox” to compare different methods of measuring thickness – and please remember that a number of measurement methods

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